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Vesna Bursich was born in 1974 in Turin to Croatian parents. Her father was a musician and her family traveled throughout Europe while he performed. Since she was a young child, Vesna had expressed the desire to make visual art her profession.
In 1989 she began to pursue higher studies, and she graduated in the field of art restoration, later studying painting at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin.

Vesna’s interests are not confined to painting and drawing, but include sculpture, installation, video art, photography and craftsmanship. Technique, for Vesna, is at the service of an idea and is useful and essential to achieve and make tangible ideas that she first visualizes in her mind.

After a hiatus of four years, in 2005, Vesna decided to build a studio and dedicate herself to painting full-time. She began with oil on canvas in a rather unfocused manner but gradually, her search became more mature and intimate. Her search led her to express a state of mind. Since 2007, she expresses herself with a series of crumpled portraits, where the subject appears crumpled, like a piece of paper that is discarded. Upon seeing these paintings, some people confessed to the artist that they felt as though she expressed her view of herself.
The crumpled portraits were followed, in 2009, by apple in a vacuum which is a critical metaphor for the desire to maintain beauty at all costs through artificial means.

A search for personal themes and social criticism, alternated with work on commission of various kinds. In 2016, the “Santini bellici” depicted a personal array of armed saints ready to defend. These are a collage and oil paintings on board with gold leaf.

Ideas continued to flow as varied as the water of a river and, in the following years, the artist held several exhibitions in Italy, in the regions and major cities both in Italy and abroad. A collaboration with a German gallery gave Vesna visibility in Germany in Regensburg, Cologne and Hamburg, but also in England and the Czech Republic. In Olomuk, her work is shown in a text of art history among the second-generation hyperrealist painters.

During 2020, the year of the pandemic, despite the difficulties experienced by all, Vesna continued her search. Her vision, usually quite personal and introspective, opened outward and the new projects: “white noise” and “words are the virus” is a series of woven paper, drawings, paintings and videos that tell how she perceived the first moment of the pandemic.

Those representations evolved, and, in 2021, gave birth to “The presence of your absence” a poetic description of the presence of an absent person, and “Vote and entity” in which the search for pagan symbols blend with the world of fables and previous visionary black and white drawings.

2022 – Mostra internazionale d’arte contemporanea “Eikon, le vie del ritratto” – Museo Diocesano – Andria (BT)

2022 – White Noise – Chiesa di San Gregorio – Cherasco (CN).

2022 – Artisti per Alina 2022, Coscienza. – Palazzo Barolo, a cura di Davide Silvioli – Torino (TO) Italy.

2022 – Help. Du coté de la nature. – Palazzo Samone a cura di Enrico Perotto – Cuneo (CN) Italy.

2021 – Imago. Metamorphosis, myth and metaphor. – Diocesan Museum a cura di Cosimo Strazzeri – Andria (BT) (Italy).

2021 – Human Right? @work – Fondazione campana dei caduti a cura di Roberto Ronca – Rovereto (TN) Italy.

2018 – Natura. – Spazio a cura di Giacomo Doglio, Rittana (CN) (Italy)

2017 – Pass-ports, visioni straniere a Torino – Galleria Pantarei – Torino (TO) (Italy)

2016 – Helping you see the world differently – Scrigno dell’Arte – Monchiero alto (CN) (Italy)

2016 – Santini bellici – Scrigno dell’Arte – Monchiero alto (CN) (Italy)

2016 -Art Karlsruhe – Messe Karlsruhe – Karlsrhue (Germany)

2015 – Il purgatorio – Residenza creativa – Sinio (CN) (Italy)

2014 – Affordable Art Fair – Kurstmesse – Hamburg (Germany)

2014 – I(M)materiali – Chiesa di San Francesco – Cuneo (Italy)

2014 – Blooom exibition – Koelnmesse – Colonia (Germany)

2014 – Uhr draußen im dunkel –  Galerie Isabelle Lesmeister – Regensburg (Germany)

2013 – Irrgang Galerie – Lipsia (Germany)

2013 – Tallantyre Gallery – Northumberland – (UK)

2013 – Collezione permanente – Villa Rescalli Villoresi – Busto Garolfo – Milano

2013 – Sommerfrische – Galerie Iasabelle Lesmeister – Regensburg (Germany)

2013 – Premio Romano Reviglio –  Tra natura e memoria – Palazzo Salmatoris – Cherasco (CN).

2012 – “sottovuoto” – Spaziarti Ungallery – Milano – Nicola Tinelli

2012 – Blooom exibition – Colonia (Germany)

2012 – Natura Morta – Galery Iasabelle Lesmeister – Regensburg (Germany)

2012 – Detenzioni, Palazzo Barolo, Torino

2011 – Biennale di Venezia, padiglione Italia, Piemonte – Palazzo esposizioni ,Torino – Vittorio Sgarbi

2011 – Paratissima – Spazio San Salvario, Torino – Daniele Ratti

2011 – Il mito del vero, situation, Palazzo Guicciardini, Milano
Palazzo Guidobono, Tortona – Giacomo Maria Prati, Paolo Lesino.

2010 – I guardiani dello spirito-Castello del Cagliostro-San Leo-Giacomo Maria Prati , Paolo Lesino.

2007 – Profilo d’Arte – Palazzo della Permanente – Milano – Milena Gamba.

2006 – Quotidiana – MUseo civico al santo – Padova – Guido Bertorelli, Stefania Schiavon.

2006 – Centripeta, Centro Espositivo, Alba

2005 – Zooma, Galleria Zooma, Torino

2005 – Finalista premio Arte Mondatori, Palazzo della Permanente, Milano

2005  – ZooArt, Giardini cuneesi, Cuneo

2005 – 163° esposizione d’Arte contemporanea, Promotrice delle Belle Arti, Torino

2005 –  Donne, La Giardiniera, Settimo Torinese

2005 – 10° mostra d’Arte contemporanea, Caserma M.Musso, Saluzzo

2003 –  Valsus’Art, Galleria Arte e Arte, Bussoleno